DoubleLift Technologies


Business solutions first. Software second.

Not all software is created equal. We approach projects with the goal of translating actionable insights into real value for your business.

1. Understand

First, we immerse ourselves in your industry and try to understand the context of your software and its strategic underpinnings

2. Design

Next, we translate these insights into technical solutions grounded by available cost and time

3. Value

We help make your vision into a reality through agile methodology and implementation sprints.

Some Things

We've Done

Solar Remote System Design

Design an Optimal Solar System Layout

Remotely design all types of solar systems and get solar production estimates in minutes. Create multiple design options for a project site, fine tune designs with panel deletions, setbacks, and keepouts, and select a custom system photo for use in the proposal.


Simplest way to find housing

Granular filters for housing search app. Real-time notifications for newly posted listings.


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